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Don`t be afraid of sex toys


Don’t be Afraid of Sex Toys  

Couples are normally very shy even to suggest using a sex toy, but when suggested you can have an open discussion if and when you want to try. We sell many varieties of toys.  

Sex toys are meant to complement your love making in the bedroom or place of choice. Augment your truest adventures. There is nothing to fear, as nothing will ever replace the warmth touch and the closeness of your partner. Sex toys can add a whole new dimension upon the erotic path to rousing orgasms. There’s no need to be afraid. 

Conserving your partner’s energy

Not everyone has the athleticism or sexual stamina to madly gyrate for hours, and perhaps your husband or boy friend can only orgasm once, while you’re just getting warmed up. A vibrator can pick up the slack while your playmate recovers.

Maybe your girlfriend can rack up the orgasms whilst you are watching. Certainly viewing the breathtaking show will whet your appetite into going back for seconds once you’ve rested a bit. 

Mechanically assisted accuracy

Got a lover that has that seemingly magical orgasm spot? Is it on the frenulum of the penis, on the left side, at about the 8 o’clock position? Or could it be just outside her vaginal canal, to the right of her clitoral

You remember the last time you focused on that point, ya? How her eyes rolled deep into her head, or how he trembled catatonically, unable to cry out with mouth agape.

Each couple have their own areas which they like you to focus on. Try to find these areas remember them for future love making.

Sex toys can stimulate areas in ways a human hand, finger, or tongue cannot at various speeds. They’re your wingman, your frolic friend.

Spare partner

Let’s say you’re hitting the groove doggy style, and your lady yearns to experiment with double penetration. But she’s not comfortable having two actual men inside her.  This is where a jelly dildo or other anal toy will come in quite handy.

Having a spare partner is much less frightening and more comforting. Who knows, this could lead to more fun with sex toys. Because the original fears are thankfully gone!

Why not give it a try